3 Best Fashion Designer In The World

Ever looked a dress and liked it instantly? Even if you don’t say it, the answer is pretty obvious. People who design clothes are called fashion designers. They do more than because they influence many people’s dreams with their designs. Most of the designs worn by celebrities and prominent people are made by the best fashion designers in the world.

Their designs are sold in all markets across the world. Even if you can’t differentiate a good design from a bad one, the designs from these designers will wow your heart. They are a great inspiration that will capture your heart.

If you are a stylish person, there is no doubt you have those designs that you love. If you are looking to find out who is the best in the world or fashion and design, you have come to the right place. Here three of the best fashion designers in the world – read article on how to start a career in fashion.

Calvin Klein

This designer is very popular across the world. Its short version is CK, a brand known by nearly everyone. Calvin Klein, a designer, started this Brand in 1968. As a way to start his career, Calvin opened a store for women and men’s jacket in New York City with his partner Barry Schwartz. He has since grown to a company. It specializes in lifestyle accessories, leather, perfumery, watches, and home furnishings.

The reason why listed Calvin Klein on our list of the best designers is that he grew from designer to a company that has substantial market share in commercial and retail lines. However, in 2003, Calvin Klein was acquired by PVH Corp.

Ralph Lauren

He used to work in the retail business before becoming a popular designer. Ralph Lauren, later on, formed perfume, apparel, accessories, and furniture lines. After that, this amazing designer took on another great step in his designing career. He constituted his apparel company in 1967 and named it Ralph Lauren Corporation.

His designs are among those you could look at and admire because they are unique. Lauren’s breakthrough came in 1970 when he showcased his initial Polo logo, a line of ladies suits. As stated by Forbes. Lauren is worth $7 billion. If he is your all-time fashion designer, you now know how much worth he is.

Donatella Versace

I know you are wondering if there are ladies in this world of fashion and design. Well, ladies are known to love attractive things and that is why most of them are stylish. If you didn’t know, Donatella is the younger sister of Gianni Versace who was murdered in 1997.

She has taken the Versace name to vast fame and new heights. Since she took over, Donatella has made sure that the Versace boutiques and store cater to various fashion markets across the world. This is especially in New York and Milan. Prominent celebs like Madonna and Jeniffer Lopez have praised this company’s amazing collection of accessories, clothing, home furnishings, and fragrance.


We are not the same and we use products from different brands. The designer you like may not be the one I like. But creativity wins above everything.